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Jettison Ltd is a registered waste removal company. We clear out entire offices and shop units, as well as removing and disposing of construction and demolition debris.  We only ever send waste to landfill if we are unable to recycle. We are a small family business that provides a personalised service to commercial clients in Glasgow. What exactly does "soft strip demolition" entail? Before demolishing, renovating, or otherwise altering the structure of a building, soft strip works must first be completed. In most cases, the goal of the soft strip is to remove everything from the structure except for its steel framework and outer shell. It requires the elimination of any features, both interior and exterior, that are not essential to the structure.

Items for removal during a soft strip demolition may include:
Fixtures and fittings (wooden doors, UPVC windows, bathroom units and kitchen fittings)
Internal walls
Suspended ceilings
Temporary internal structures
All equipment and machinery
Removal of asbestos

Soft strip demolition operations require a safe work process

Jettison Ltd will conduct an internal and external survey to determine the existence of any potentially hazardous materials before beginning any soft stripping. Then, if necessary, we will safely remove any asbestos or other hazardous waste. stripping and inside demolition activities have the potential to generate large quantities of dust and noise, which can be harmful to one's health.

To keep dust levels to a minimum, careful planning and the use of soft strip techniques are essential. Limiting the amount of individuals in the work area, screening workspaces, using Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE), and using water spray to reduce dust levels are all examples of this. More guidance from the Health and Safety Executive can be found here. High levels of noise are often unavoidable, but Jettison Waste Management works with each customer to schedule the noisiest work when it would have the least impact and inconvenience.

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We also offer safe shredding and secure destruction of IT equipment.

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Soft Strip Demolition and Site Clearance Service Glasgow

We directly employ a number of tradespeople within our staff, which allows us to carry out 'Making good' type activities such as closing up totally or partially window/door openings, constructing internal stud walls, plastering, and so on. Office and shop strip-out works often comprise the removal of structures' fixtures and fittings, such as floors, ceilings, non-load bearing walls, doors, windows, kitchens and bathrooms, lighting cables, and all plumbing fittings, including heating and ventilation units.

The quality of these works' execution is critical to the whole project, and our performance in this area results in efficient and effective projects. We also perform careful Soft Strip in conjunction with or without asbestos removal, up to the point where we can completely strip out a building to the structural shell, including the removal of redundant mechanical, lift, and electrical services from vertical service risers, subsurface service ducts, and basements. (Our operatives are confined space trained).

We may need to work around 'live' mechanical services (subject to risk assessment). This effectively delivers a more faultless operation for the main contractor by eliminating the need for an additional "strip out" sub-contractor, as well as enhancing project management time and money efficiency. We strive to offer the most competitive costs in comparison to other non-asbestos strip out firms while also giving the highest quality.

We have all the qualifications you need to be successful. From ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications, SafeContractor, references on request.

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