Rubbish Clearance Glasgow

August 26, 2020

We carry out rubbish clearances of all shapes and sizes.  They all have their own set of challenges too.  Some have stairs, some restricted access, often we work around staff and sometimes it's simply that there is just mountains of junk!

We are often requested to clear rubbish that is starting to become a fire risk. We get lots of basements/attics/store rooms and fire exits that are packed with flammable items that urgently need removed. As is often the case, someone sets aside a broken desk and chair, then all of a sudden it becomes a dumping ground free for all.

We can lift anything with the exception of asbestos from anywhere on your premises. Our staff do all the lifting and disposal and ensure that we recycle as much as we possibly can once it's removed from site.

Don't let your commercial premises become a fire risk, get us in to clear out your rubbish before it becomes a hazard.