Restaurant Clearance Glasgow

March 4, 2021

We were recently involved with the clearance of the old Firebird restaurant in Finnieston, Glasgow. The restaurant/pub will be remembered affectionately by many locals.

The premises is currently undergoing extensive renovations by the current owner.  

We were involved in clearing a large quantity of renovation debris. There was a lot of rubble (more than you'd expect!) from an old pizza oven. In addition there was a lot of furniture to be removed, skirtings, facings and bags of old plaster etc.

The contractor was concerned about unsightly rubbish lying on the street given it was on a built up area. We arranged am/pm collections each day throught the contract to ensure that any rubbish was only on the ground for a maximum of 8 hours.

We'll be booking a table for a night out as soon as we are able to, the sooner the better!