Printer disposal Glasgow

August 7, 2020

We were on a relatively routine clearance this week in Cumbernauld. That was until the property manager casually advised us that the 11 ton printing press at the far end of the factory was also to be cleared.

Not ones to ever shy away from a challenge, we collectively stood back, inhaled deeply and unanimously scratched our heads.

We did manage it as the images show. We had to mount the printer onto skids to enable it to be steered out towards the door and handed it over to the very capable HIAB operator. The door was just wide enough to allow us to get it through with the machine. We clear all sorts of items from all sorts of buildings, some require mechanical assistance some require manual brute force, either way our role is to clear out junk and redundant items without the drama.

Seldom does a clearance happen without some sort of spanner being thrown in the works. That's what makes the job exciting.