Large Office Clearance - Edinburgh

November 8, 2023

We were recently contacted by a company looking to clear out and fast. This building, despite being relatively modern is due to be demolished to make way for housing. The tenants were given limited notice by the landlord. They needed a company capable of turning round the clearance at short notice.

We cleared a large quantity furniture as well as a significant quantity of waste in a very short timescale;

  • 112 Desks (many of which were repurposed and donated)
  • 125 3 drawer Peds (as above)
  • 90+ Chairs (yip, these too!)
  • 120 Computers and Monitors (recycled through WEEE Solutions)
  • Large quantity of IT waste inc. printers and scanners
  • Kitchen equipment

Our team worked fast on this and the clearance was done in just one day. As often happens once people see us in action, we assisted 2 other businesses in the same building to clear their offices ahead of the deadline.

If you are ready for a clearance call us on 0333 880 6800, we'd love to help!