Bin Store Clearance

August 14, 2020

This is a typical sight in communal bin stores especially after tenants move in or out.

Situations such as this quickly become fire hazards, become an open invite for others to dump or become havens for vermin. Usually all it takes is for someone to leave one bulky item out for collection and the area quickly becomes a free for all. It's unsightly, unhealthy and can quickly get out of control.

We carry out clearances such as this for landlords, property managers and factors.

This was an emergency call out we were able to have completed within hours of being contacted. This was pretty much the entire contents of a flat left behind by a tenant who just moved out and rather than dispose of their items, decided to move them to the bin store.

If you are left in this situation all you have to do is call Jettison and we will have you sorted. All waste we collect is only ever disposed of responsibly at licensed waste facilities and Waste Transfer Notes (WTN's) are provided for every collection.  We keep you compliant and stop communal areas becoming a dumping ground.