Basement Clearance in Glasgow

August 5, 2020

It's not uncommon not to be able to fit a car into a garage, we get that. But to use it to store over 7 tonnes of junk cant be that common either!

That's exactly what we were tasked with in a recent garage clearance in Glasgow. We knew what we were up against so weren't phased, what we hadn't factored in however was the roller door to being out of commission, and on a Monday too!

You can see from the photos we removed a lot of office furniture, electrical fittings, WEEE as well as the removal of a large quantity of paper and documents for secure disposal and shredding.

The landlord needed to clear the basement of the office block to comply with fire legislation. They were also left with a really useful space, that might even be used to park cars in at a future date, you never know!